Monday, November 12, 2012

The Thread Obsession Continues - GIVE AWAY WINNER!

I am having a good time quilting the circular geese quilt - it's becoming in essence, a giant PRACTICE project!  I have always been the sort that only needs to do something once or twice before I catch on to a better way, or start actively seeking one.  But with that - I like to try EVERYTHING at least once or twice!  :)  So while this is far from perfect work, I have learned SO very much even with the small bit of quilting I have finished.
So far I have used three different threads.  A 40wt. Superior Threads Rainbows polyester, Sulky 100% Rayon, also a 40 wt., and Coats and Clark polyester intended for machine embroidery that also happens to be 40 wt.  I'm using a Schmetz 70/10 Microtex Sharp needle.  I have been making attempts to expand my quilting thread horizons over the past year or so, and three have become favorites in my limited experience with threads other than cotton for decorative quilting. 
Today I am on the hunt for bobbin washers.  I am headed to a favorite quilt shop and hoping she carries them.  If not I've seen them on Ebay.  See all those little nests and knots in corners and at my start and stop locations?  From what I understand, Little Genie Bobbin Washers are supposed to help with that.  I'm using a plastic drop in bobbin - I'm not sure if it will still be successful but it's worth the $10 for me to find out!  They were created by Sharon Schamber...and who doesn't want to quilt like her?
Oh and guess what?  My darning foot IS interchangeable after all!  It's just the snap on feet that won't go from the Simplicity to the Brother - so I'll have to purchase a quarter inch foot for that.  I bought a nifty little acrylic measuring doodad from Bonnie Hunter when I saw her that helps you find your quarter inch on any machine.  THAT has proved to be $3 well spent!!!  :)
Knots aside, it's really pretty isn't it?  I am proud!  I regret those outer feathers a bit, I don't like them from the back, but I'm not a fan of ripping unless I have no choice.  I'd rather just do better next time.


Thank you to all who entered my celebratory give away!!!  Being published for the first time (by someone outside of myself!!!)  was a huge accomplishment for me and certainly a bit of validation that all my hard work is paying off.  Not to mention, how honored could a girl feel to be included in a magazine with such amazing creative people?!  Why, it is simply surreal.  :)

I think it is a wonderful and useful thing to set goals for yourself as a quilter and to reach them one by one - that has to be just about the most amazing feeling ever!  I've made such great friends along the way and learned so very much.  Quilting has become so much more than a hobby for me.  It's my passion, it's my sanity, it's my art, it's how I express myself, it's how I show others my love.  I hope to only keep improving on my skills, setting goals, and REACHING them in the future!

So thank you my quilting friends!!!  :)

I assigned each entry a number and entered all numbers into a random number generator...and the winner is...

Comment Number 1 - ANITA!!! 

Anita if you could please contact me with your mailing address I will be sending you a little gift from me very soon!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sweetie - your feathers are way better than mine! I love thread almost as much as fabric - maybe more so. Congratulations to the winner and thank you for hosting.

julieQ said...

Doesn't look like a practice piece...looks wonderful!! Your selected threads are so pretty.

Anita said...

Thank you so much for hosting this lovely giveaway! I cannot believe I won!

It is awesome that you've been published...definitely an accomplishment! Congrats again. =)