Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fixing Up My Sewing Area

I've posted pictures of my messy little sewing area many times before, but a recent visit to a friend's house has inspired me to get crackin' and clean up my mess!  Her sewing room is RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous.  RIDICULOUS.  I can only hope I get there - but for now, this is what I've got!

This isn't all of it, but this is the organized side!!  I shall not show you the messy side until I finish straightening that up too!  LOL*  I apologize too for the dark pictures - half of the room is sunny and the other half, not so much.  :)

My family is extremly good to me and supportive of my 'habit'.  Lol*  We have two living rooms, but the larger of the two has virtually been taken over with my sewing.  In my own defense, at the house we lived in before this I had my own sewing room.  So of course, I felt I needed to fill it up!  In a few years we'd like to add on and hopefully I'll get some privacy, but for now, this keeps me going and my family is so wonderful to tolerate it.  I mean it when I say they tolerate it too - because usually I sit down and sew while the Husband is in there watching tv!!  He is so good to me!  :)

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Gale, Ky quilter said...

I think it looks great! You have some beautiful quilts hanging there, too. I can only dream of the space you have there. I have a small (4' x 5') area in the corner of my living room which sometimes gets very cramped. I have become quite the expert at storing fabric, tools, books, etc., in my living room. I do love how quilters inspire each other. ;)