Monday, December 24, 2012

I Just Had to Share - Merry Christmas Eve!

Yay!!!  My book came today!!!  A few weeks ago Pat Sloan paired up with quilter/author Victoria Findlay Wolfe and C& T Publishing and hosted a giveaway of the book 15 Minutes of Play.  Guess what lucky duck won?  ME!!!  I didn't expect this to come so soon because I got the nicest card from Victoria after winning...

The card came on Wednesday so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see the FedEx man backing into my driveway today!  Thank you Pat Sloan - Victoria Findlay Wolfe - and C& T Publishing!  I'm thrilled with my new book and can't wait to have a moment to sit down and pour over the pages!!!

Some of you may recognize Victoria's quilts and style from her blog Bumblebeans.  Her style is really different from the more traditional quilts I'm usually drawn to but I love her use of color and her artistic approach.

I have to say, I was as thrilled to receive the catalog of quilting books form C&T as much as getting my book!!!  I will definitely be pouring over the pages of this too!

I also wanted to mention I was recently contacted by a fellow from Fons & Porter who asked me to review an ebook for them and post about it on my blog.  Of course I am always happy to do a review!

This little ebook definitely has the Fons & Porter stamp on it with detailed instructions on long cabin variations and ideas to create amazing log cabin quilts.  I have made several log cabin quilts and the ebook definitely puts a new spin on them, pulling in star quilter Ricky Tims and shares his creative play on the traditional log cabin quilt.  I've always thought Fons & Porter to be a name you could trust when it came to books or quilting supplies and I think this definitely lives up to it's name.  The ebook shares detailed cutting guides and instructions to make several log cabin quilts and lots of ideas for embellishment like trapunto or playing with decorative threads. 

If you've thought about making a log cabin quilt or are looking for a different spin on it check it out - it's FREE!!!  Visit to download it for yourself!  :)  Thank you to the people at Fons & Porter for sharing it with me!  :)

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