Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sewing Room Tour!

Ok ok ok I know I have issues what with two posts in one day and all.  Lol*  I don't know how long this is gonna last so I had to take pictures while it's fresh!

I seriously HATE the color of this room so let's pretend it's...tan.  Or red.  Or just about anything but BLUE.  It looks like a giant bathroom to me.  Ick.  I just haven't had time and motivation to paint it yet.  I also need to do some scrubb-a-dub dubbin on that tile because I didn't realize how grimey it looked until I saw these pictures!  Ack!  I have kids and pets so, you'll have to forgive me and love me for my grime.  ;)

I'm going from right to left here - and this room doubles as our second living room so yes there are couches in there!  Lol*  I also apologize for the Willy Wonka nauseating angles...I'm actually standing on the step to get into the kitchen to take these pictures so it's really got a fun house quality to them!

Above is my cutting table, one of my antique sewing machines closed up with some country clutter on it, a sewing cupboard (that the top needs to be dusted and re-organized eep...oh yes and a ginormous hoard of toys for my kids.  LOL*  I'm a bit of a hoarder.  I need to get rid of some of those toys before Christmas comes...they have no clue what's at the bottom...and neither do I.

Above - my cutting table, the chair I moved to one side so I can stand right up next to it - I think this summer I may just take them out to the barn because nobody sits in them!  To the left of the table is the new Singer treadle the Husband bought me for Sweetest day!  Atop it is one of my featherweights - I also have a centennial featherweight but it's in the case until I find a place to display it.

Above - I have a make shift design wall there but I don't really use it.  The kids like to play with it and cover it with scraps and drive me crazy moving around my sewing projects.  LOL*  Mostly it just causes me stress.  I put a quilt up there so it didn't look so bare and lint covered!  That is an old buzz saw I made several years ago - I didn't measure the borders so they are all sorts of wavy and out of wack.  It's going to be fun to quilt.  LOL*

Below - both of the quilts hanging on hangers are Bonnie Hunter patterns.  Jared takes a wife (still needs that final border) and a Pineapple Blossom.  They are the only Bonnie Hunter patterns I have ever made - though I do have her Crab apple quilt in process...I'm making it using her leader/ender method so it'll be a while before it's a top.  Below the quilts is a book case filled with sewing books/magazines/quilting books.  In front of that is the Brother that I do most of my sewing on.  It's on one of those rolling carts that schools used to use to keep televisions on - we bought it at a school auction a few years ago...I LOVE IT!!!  I can sit in front of the tv and sew and move it all there are like six plugs on the back so I have a little light and all sorts of doodads plugged into it.  Best $8 we've spent in a long time!!!

Next to the rocking chair (that used to belong to my Husband's Grandmother who passed away a few years ago) is a sewing machine cabinet we picked up at a yard sale for $2 - my Dad put a little table in the bottom of it so I could set my sewing machine into it instead of using pins.  I LOVE THAT!!!  I will never get rid of it either, it's so handy.  I can put any sewing machine I want in there and it was a lot less than those expensive tables (I'll get one some day) that you can set your machine into.  Thanks Dad!

Above - next to the love seat is a fabric cupboard and batting.  I do have some poly fill over by the rocking chair and the polyester batting I picked up for playing with my trapunto.

Tomorrow's task - getting in between those tiles with a toothbrush - ACK!