Saturday, January 12, 2013

Almost a Table Runner

Hahaha I got all excited, removed the markings, took pictures...only to realize I missed a spot by the feathers!!  So I'm almost done with this.  It needs blocking as it's all wonky and distorted on one side...and it needs a binding.

I had a few hiccups but it didn't turn out too bad.  I should have made the basket/vase smaller and committed to it being either a basket OR a vase!!!  Hahaha...there wasn't enough room for a flowing feather from the top so it's a bit stunted looking.  Hahahaha...BUT...a good learning experience...and unless you go over it with a fine tooth comb anybody who isn't an obsessive quilter probably won't notice.

I used Superior's So Fine! in the top and bottom in a taupe color...I'm going to order some bottom line for next time as it just got too thready on the back for my taste.

I also won't use this much batting again.  I used two layers - but I didn't cut it away like you would with machine trapunto.  It's one layer of warm and white and directly under the quilting is a layer of high loft poly. It was so fat and dense under the foot that I got a lot of thread breakage, wrinkles, and skipped stitches even with a fresh needle.

My Mother loaned me her thread stand so I could use my new cones of thread.  It worked out well except for winding bobbins.  OH long arm come soon!!  I cannot wait!!  It will be nice to have another method to wind bobbins as I don't like the sidewinder much and winding on my machine is a real pain in the pattoot.


treadlemusic said...

Do NOT be so critical with this piece! It is totally wonderful! It is very impressive! and a definite display piece! WOW!!!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I echo the above comment. Don't beat yourself up - my gosh this is wonderful! Oh, I hate the sidewinder - I'd send it to someone , but it would be an insult. My one machine winds bobbins even and tight - so I do a whole bunch up on it for all the other machines. I'm waiting on that long arm too.

Michele said...

Tis is a ton better than I can do so be proud if it. I think it is lovely. Ditto on the wishing for a long arm.

Lise said...

Awesome Beautiful work... and looking forward in seeing your long arm all set up and ready to go.... :) happy stitching