Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mitered Borders and Sample Size Thread Packs

I've got some good posts planned but today some mandatory sewing is taking priority.  I've finished the Dresden Plates for the most part and decided against all the additional applique.  I think I'm going to reserve the flowers and leaves and incorporate them somehow into the quilting rather than actually putting them on the quilt.

I've been forcing myself to do mitered borders !!!  It's just so easy NOT to do them, but they aren't all that difficult just a bit fussy, and I think they look like you have skill!!  Lol*

Truly, the miter above looks invisible...but what an impact when you miter print borders.  Three out of four corners turned out pretty clean and crisp, but miter number four was just not having it.  I had already trimmed it and was going to let it go but decided against it.  Especially with that pink cornerstone, it was just too obvious that it wasn't fitting right.  I was getting irritated last night with this so I decided to get some sleep and tackle it this morning after some coffee and replying to emails.

I should do a tutorial on mitered borders.  They aren't hard, but they are fussy.  If you over stitch you have to rip a stitch...but that can be a pain to do without pulling thread through to the front.  I don't have tons of practice with these but if I go slow and take my time I can manage them pretty well.  You probably shouldn't use pen to mark, lol*, as I did here.  I could be the poster child for what NOT to do!!!

Below - a jellyroll I picked up at Big Lots of all places!!  This is the last one they had, and funny, it was less expensive than all the rest.  It had been there for a few weeks every time I would go, and I just finally decided it was time to come home with me.  I was going to make a simple quilt for Etsy, but this fabric is growing on me.  I need a new pattern to use this with that I haven't tried before.

In other news I'm working on a quilt that I will offer the pattern for soon.  I've been putting it off since before Christmas but I need to restock that Etsy shop!!

OH - and before I run I wanted to share that I just noticed Superior Threads offers a "Try Me Specials" selection of get smaller spools and they choose the colors but there isn't hardly a color that I wouldn't use at some point.  If you're wanting to try something expensive like silk I think it's a great thing...they even have Super Bobs of bottom line thread you can buy for less than a dollar.  Just thought I'd share as I know a lot of us are quilting on a budget.  We WANT to use the good stuff but we have to choose carefully what we spend on.

Hope everyone is getting some sewing done today!

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Michele said...

Nope, no sewing yesterday but definitely tomorrow!