Saturday, February 2, 2013

Playing With Custom Quilting Designs

This is what I've been working on the last day or so...passively...

Playing with some quilting designs that would fall under the category of "light custom".  I ditched this free hand and then added some stippling and flourishes.  I used white Isacord thread - I think it look spretty good!!!

When I say "custom", all that really means is different designs throughout the quilt rather than just one all over design.  Generally custom quilting is going to involve some stitch in the ditch in addition to the quilting, part of the reason it's a bit pricier.  More work involved, and possibly turning the quilt to quilt the borders.  

If you're interested in custom quilting pop me over an email at pumpkin patch quilter all one word at yahoo dot com.

Today is a cleaning day...the house falls apart SO quickly!!!  Friday the kids were off school for a snow day...a whole day of mess making possibilities!  LOL*  It was nice I have to say to have the kids around.  I've been focusing on launching my little quilting business so I think they needed some undivided Mommy time.  :)

I'm still accepting a few more quilts for all over edge to edge at $.01 per square inch (plus $5 for thread).  See my last post for details.  I would love to quilt for you!  :)

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Michele said...

I so understand the problem with the house stuff getting pushed aside. My plan for today is to tackle some of it myself, one chore done and then a reward with some sewing time.