Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun at the Sewing and Quilt Expo!

Just got home not too long ago...and my kiddos who I missed very much are demanding my attention so I'm going to post quickly and give it to them!  :)  Sad to say there were a lot of "no photograph please" booths so I put the camera down and got distracted pretty early on with shopping.  I did get a few fun photos!  I had to be home early to pick up the kiddos so we didn't even get to see the quilts!!!

Momma and I had to get our picture taken by the polkadot dress girl!  LOL*  CUTE!  We showed our tickets and got our wrist bands...

Oooh weee then off to shop!

It was two levels...this room upstairs and then the entire lower level.  We skipped out of the upstairs pretty quickly...I tell you we were there for FOUR  hours but we could have stayed longer if we'd decided to do classes or stay for the floor shows.

Here is the first level room as you walk in....booths set up and shopping EVERYWHERE!!!

...and that's where the camera went into the purse and my wallet came out!!!  LOL*  Below is a shot of my little haul.  I didn't get too much.  Of course I hit the Superior Threads booth and picked up some Omni thread cones, some netting, and some superbobs.  This is all they had left in neutrals so hopefully they work for me!  I hear such great things about them.  My least favorite thing about my long arm is the L sized bobbins so I was hoping that the prewounds would allow me a few less bobbin changes.  *fingers crossed*

I was on a mission to get long arm rulers so I picked up a ditch ruler and one for curved cross hatch.  I was excited to see those Radical Rulers up close since I've heard so much about them and there are one or two more I'd like to have but I'll have to wait to get them.  These I know I'll use at least.

These stencils really impressed me - they are made to be used with a pounce.  The one at the show was a bit pricey so I'm going to pick one up at Jo Ann Fabrics so I can try these out.  I can't wait to use them on something!!!  I was a little bummed that the lady selling them said she was NOT a quilter...WHAT????!!  LOL*

Sorry I didn't get more pictures!  My next fun shopping trip I promise I will.  Now I'm off.  The kids have come in here about a half dozen times to interrupt so I must GO!  LOL*  I'm almost done with the dresden quilt and I will post pictures soon.

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Gmama Jane said...

I went to the Exxpo in BBirmingham Ala. last Sept and it was awesome! Our show was one of the smaller ones sicne it was the first time they had come to our area. The closest has always been Atlanta. There was such a huge turn-out that it was rumored they would be back and bigger and better next year. I spent way too much money but the most exciting thing was I won one of the big Door prizes. I won a HUGE professional cutting Board one day and the next day I won a gift basket and I totaled the cost of it being $160~~ So I won over $300 and I never win anything. My friend won one of the sewing machines!!!!! We were so shocked and surprised!! We both crumpled our tickets when we put them in the box so don't know if it helped but it sure seemed too!! I've don that little trick every time since!. No more wins though.
Hint:. you'll get more comments if you'll trun off the word it is very hard on failing eyes like mine!
Gmama Jane
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