Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello You! It's Me!

Blogging pal Chris sent me an email to make sure I'm still alive and that the long arm didn't fall on me or anything.  Hehehe...I'm here Chris!  **waves**  Between painting, cleaning, and quilting I've been a busy girl.  A friend's Grandmother asked me to teach her to sew so that's been taking up a day or so week and then this past Monday I had to meet up with my quilting gals!

I need to catch up on housework and then hopefully squeeze in some sewing for me!  I like sewing for everyone else though so, no complaining here ya'll.

Here's a few funny pictures my quilting friend took of me sharing quilts at one of our quilt guild meetings...I just find them hilarious and wonder, is this what I look like all the time????  Do I make these wierd looks without knowing it?????  LOL***

Oh my!!!  I don't know if I was talking or WHAT??!!  LOL*

Hope you all are sewing up a storm out there!!!


Sewing Junkie said...

Yes I see you and Hello back. Glad you are well and keeping busy. Chris

treadlemusic said...

So glad that you are "alive, well and kickin'"! LOL! Some great project finishes!

Michele said...

Tehehehe! Thanks for the chuckle this morning. And I have to tell you that for some unknown reason I imagined you with much darker brown hair. Now I can see the real you!