Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Happy mail came today!

I have had this OLD yellow brick road quilt I made way back when I had my first blog.  I totally goofed up the quilting...stitch in the ditch on my domestic!!  LOL*  That was before I had tread into the free motion waters...I hated it so I ripped all the quilting from the entire quilt.  I have always loved the bright colors of the top though, so it's hung around for about eight years.  Isn't this Rainbows thread just PERFECT?

I have to say, there are less expensive brands out there, but there is something so special about ordering from Superior Threads.  I love the little stickers they put on their boxes!  I have contemplated saving these.  The hoarder in me.  The one on the Christmas box was SO CUTE!

My oldest daughter's quilt is coming along.  I panicked for a few minutes as the wheel came flying off in mid stitch, but, I got it back on and didn't even need my Daddio to come and help.  I'm feeling a bit excited as I did the first time I put oil in my car as a teenager!

I'm planning a GIVEAWAY soon just for FaceBook Friends!  "Like" Pumpkin Patch Quilter on Facebook for future details.


Rachel said...

Love good mail! The Dresden is looking SO amazing!

Michele said...

Love the Dresden and the Rainbow thread is something that I'll probaly have to get a lot of since I love so many things in that colorway.

BTW....just how much thread do you go through typically to quilt one quilt? I'd hate to place an order and end up not having enough.