Monday, April 15, 2013

A Quiet Sunday Morning...OOPS, I Meant Monday...

Monday is my Sunday.  The Husband is off from work and the kids are off to school...the baby is still waking up to morning cartoons and my coffee is nearly gone.  It's been such a wonderful slow and calm morning to wake up and appreciate that spring has just nearly sprung.

This cold I have picked up from the kids is relentless.  I haven't had one that knocked me on my rear like this in a long time.  We had big plans to run out of town for a day of shopping while the kiddos are at school but I think we'll stay close to home and run a few small errands instead.  I need calm and quiet.  I was up until 1 in the morning with a runny nose and my head full of sinus pressure!  Oh yuck!  I took an Ibuprofen and was able to get a little crafting/sewing accomplished.

I was able to get the runner finished and the binding attached.  I think I'm going to sell this one, but make another for myself.  I made these blocks a REALLY long time ago...sheesh, I was still pretty new to quilting. I didn't flatten the seams or do much of anything to reduce the bulk.  These days I would have swirled each intersection and pressed them open.  It was lumpy bumpy and pretty much a nightmare to quilt.  It's honestly not my best feathering but it still looks very pretty.  I don't know what it is about the quilting that just brings a quilt to life.

Of course like everyone else in the crafting universe I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Not quite at the level some are...but I find lots of inspiration there.  The only thing I find a bit frustrating is that now when I google certain things to get pictures for inspiration, it seems all the pictures are from Pinterest!  In any case I found this tutorial on how to make dirty grungy grubby looking primitive candles.  My Husband was pretty turned off at the process of this!!!  I thought they turned out great!  Nice and prim.  We are going to hit the thrift store while out today so I'm going to see if I can't find something to fix these up in and decorate with.

The tutorial said to mix Mod Podge with little water, a little acrylic paint to give it a dingy brown look, and then roll the candle in spices.  After that dries you're to add another layer of dingy glue.  The tapers didn't dry completely over night because they were laying on foil, I probably should have laid them across something.  But the mini-pillars look AWESOME!

Hopefully we can squeeze in the dollar store today, if I'm not feeling to sick, and I'll pick up some more spices.  I just used leftover cinnamon from the cupboard, and there wasn't very much.  I also added coffee grounds for a little more texture.  I also really like the ones I've seen that are dipped in wax then rolled in spices but that was more messy than I wanted to get!

They almost look like food while drying!!!  I had to keep it all in the center of the table as I was afraid my two year old would think I was making treats.  They smelled pretty yummy too...

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Patty C. said...

I looooooooove that runner!