Friday, April 5, 2013

Finally Feeling Like Spring **GIVE AWAY!!!**

   What a beautiful peaceful morning.  It is starting to feel like spring, finally.  Temperatures are starting to climb into the 50's during the day and we have actually been able to leave the house with a light jacket rather than the full body cover up!  When you have three young children, this becomes a very anticipated event.

   This morning I took a walk around the gardens, one of my favorite things to do this time of year.  I use the term "gardens" loosely, hahaha!  Most of you know me now for my quilting, and that's mainly what I talk about here, but my other passion is plants.  Well...and to be fair I also really dig nail polish.  After having baby number three I discovered if I wanted to have a hobby AND have clean clothes I'd have to give up some of my hobby time.  I sneak in my quilting at just about every opportunity but sneaking outside is another thing.  So the gardening has suffered.  As a matter of fact the entire yard has suffered!

   I have dreams of an old fashioned cottage garden that extends from the front of my house to the road.  If I had the time and energy I'd gladly give up grass for winding paths through waist high wild flowers.  When my children are a little older and I can actually go outside for long periods of time (you know, without the "Mom I want" or the "Mom I need" or the "Mom I'm tired of playing outside") I want to garden my little yard crazy.  There is a bed and breakfast in Utah called "The Garden Bed and Breakfast"...if you get a moment click on the link to see pictures.  It is AMAZING.  My dream garden I tell you!  I can't imagine how many hours of the day one must spend outside working to maintain a garden like that...but it sure is lovely to look at.  

   Today I'm dreaming of my past gardens...I'll leave you with a few pictures.  This season I have no babies on the way, no children to babysit, and no college classes to I'm going to garden!!!  :)

Happy Spring!!!  :)



Sewing Junkie said...

Beautiful garden pictures. I love to garden also. We vegetable garden also. We save seeds for vegetables and have plants ready when we can till. Digging in the dirt soothes the soul. Chris

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love flower gardening, too. Lovely photos and thank you for sharing.

treadlemusic said...

The photos are gorgeous!!! Thank you for the "taste of Spring"!!!!

Michele said...

I know exactly what you mean! I'm the same my gardening. Since all the plantings were new here I've been waiting to figure out what I want to do with the landscaping. Now I have a decent plan in my head and can't wait for it to warm up enough to get started. I'm doing a modified cottage style, not as full. The one twist at this house versus my prior one is that here I have to consider what yummies the dear will like...I don't want that to happen. Yeah to spring!