Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Recent Etsy Additions, Slow in the Sewing Room

Meeh.  A cold has hit the house so everyone's feeling a big sluggish.  I've got quilts in transit here and there but nothing at the moment in house to work on but my own projects and right now I'm sleeping instead!

Here's a couple things I recently put in the Etsy Shop...

Actually just looking at these motivates me a bit to sew.  I've got so many projects in the works my head is spinning a little bit.

On the nail polish front I've been doing a bit of hoarding.  These pretties arrived in the mail a few days ago...

...and my pal sells Avon...look at this pretty pretty polish!!!  Score.  :)

Oh and exciting news, for me anyhow, I had business cards made up.  I feel all grown up!  I ordered them online so seeing them in real life I think I'll make a few changes to the next batch...but for a start they are great, and I'm excited!

Hope you all have some inspiration out there in blog land for me!!!  ;)  If you need some machine quilting done the long arm is OPEN and waiting for quilts!!  ;)  As always message below and I'll contact you with a price list.


Laura said...

Baby Ian has arrived and I have had my hands full keeping big sister Kallie. But I plan on getting his quilt out to you next week! I get to go to the Cincinnati Show this weekend, woo hoo! Can't wait.

Michele said...

Too bad that the house got a cold. I didn't know that they can do that. I hope it feels better fast.