Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Quilt is Evolving

Do you know what this is for?

I didn't know there was such a thing, until the mood struck me to make strips of bias tape.  I thought to myself when beginning to plan this quilt, "with all of the gadgets out there today, there has to be something to make this go faster".  Of course there was.  We quilter's like to use our time wisely, and sure enough someone before me had decided time was being wasted.

I had a really pleasant visit with my parents yesterday and my Mother was kind enough to loan me her bias strip making tool, but it was a little bit too wide.  Luckily these little gadgets aren't very expensive so I picked one up with my coupon at Jo Ann Fabrics and some adhesive to go with it.  I'm really happy I did too because the Clover gadgets have a little doohickey attached so that you can feed the fusible tape right along with the fabric.  Yes, there will be no time wasting of any sort at my house.  We shall take care of that nonsense all at once.  :)  Tomorrow I'll see if I can't find some silicone or other heat safe paper to form these knots.

I really don't know where this quilt is going other than I want lots and lots of quilting...and then lots more.  :)

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Your Mother said...

I want to see those Celtic Knots when you get them done. I see that I may have to do some updating of my bias tape maker. lol --Ma