Monday, May 27, 2013

Perfect Points - Freezer Paper Glue Stick Applique and Video

   I have been making progress on my celtic knot applique quilt and thought since I was making 100-150 leaves for it that I might share some of the process!  I won't go into extreme detail here but at the end is a video where I show how I make these.  The tricky part for me was always trying to achieve that nice neat point at the end without exposing any raw edge.  I have tried a dozen or so methods of applique and this is so far what works the best for me, with the most readily available materials.  If I have to, I do order supplies, but I would prefer to work with what's available to me locally.  Such a pain to have to wait for things in the mail!  :)

Above are the leaves still waiting to be turned.  I do this usually late at night while listening to the tv.  I traced my leaves onto the dull side of a big sheet of freezer paper, cut them out, then pressed them shiny side down onto the wrong side of the fabric I planned to use for my leaves.  I usually cut my fabric into strips just wide enough to give me a little extra for a seam allowance.  It makes the pressing and cutting go much faster.

Watch the video to see how I use a glue stick to hold the edges under while I stitch my leaves down.  When I'm done sewing them down I clip the fabric behind the applique just enough to give me a little hole to pull the freezer paper out.  If it's a large applique I will remove much of that extra fabric to reduce bulk.

I've been assembling some flowers, roses, little buds.  I have many many more to go.  Since taking this photo I have stitched those celtic knots onto my quilt top.  I had to remove one as it seemed to go down all crazy and wonky looking and make a new knot to stitch on.  I'll take some pictures once I begin adding the flower appliques.

These roses were a bit of a pain to assemble, but they sure are effective aren't they?  I think this is going to be so pretty when finished.  I really love hand dyed fabrics for making flowers.  Batik's are a bit of a pain because of their tight weave, but I find the cotton hand dyes are really easy to stitch through and they give you those fun color changes that add depth to the flowers.  Fingers crossed that they don't run when I block this quilt.  Eep!

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I must have missed the video - would you point out the link?