Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another Wholecloth

I'm in love with whole cloth case you hadn't noticed.  :)  I started working on this during the week but I had a yard sale Friday and Saturday so I couldn't squeeze in as much time as I'd wanted.  My house looks like a tornado hit - I need to straighten up and do some shopping this weekend, then get going on this.

The fabric I showed you - I think I've narrowed it down to these two hand dyes.  Rayon thread for quilting as I have a ton of it ... the colors are delicious ... and this isn't going on a bed.

There are many ways to design a whole cloth quilt.  For this quilt I decided I wanted to draw it out - life size - on paper.  Partly because I am not a big planner.  I like to plan to some extent.  But I'm finding the organic process of just building a quilt as I go is a lot more satisfying for me than to plan and execute...even if it takes a little bit longer.  I tend to spend more time mulling ideas over this way rather than going, "yep that's it" and essentially creating from a preset pattern.  For me, the end result is more of a surprise and keeps me interested the whole way from start to finish.

For this quilt, I started by taping sections of freezer paper together, then squaring off the hunk I'd created...roughly the size of the fabric I have to quilt....give or take, I may add some borders.  I fold it to mark my center and have started designing from the center out using guides I marked on the paper to keep things square and straight.  When I'm ready I'm going to transfer this design to the quilt top.

Hoping to make some progress tonight.  I have LOTS of chores to make up for.  OH!  Very exciting news...for me anyhow...I ordered some dyes to hand dye my own fabric.  I've been reading about it forever, and I did dye a few t-shirts this past fall.  But I have several yards of fabric I thought it'd be fun to experiment with.  I cannot wait!

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Deb A said...

Pretty fabrics. Either would be a great choice. Looking forward to seeing your hand dyed fabrics.