Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doodle Bug

I have been so busy these past few weeks that I am ready to just drop...but of course I planned a yard sale this weekend and so I'm scrambling last minute to pull things together.  Honestly.  I have no idea how I'm going to do it.  Lol*

In a fit of procrastination and irritation I decided to start another quilt.  I learned a very important lesson with my celtic knot/applique quilt...I will never again put a jarble of circles and triangles into an embroidery hoop again.  EVER.  I attempted to add some decorative stitching - EPIC fail.  I stretched those stinkin' circles all out of whack.  I can still quilt it without pleating or wrinkling but it's going to be a beast and I'm going to have to improvise rather than do what I'd wanted.  Poooooh.  Uber pooh.  Oh well.  Last night I decided I couldn't stand looking at it any longer so I've buried it in the craft cupboard for some day in the future that it doesn't make me nauseous to look it.  HOURS of work.  Boo hiss.

Anyhow - on to the next.  I've been doodling like a mad woman.  It is a wonderful feeling to be artistic in my quilting.  I have always loved very traditional quilts but there is also that artist side of me that comes out once in a while and I have to make something that doesn't match anything in my house.  What to do with these quilts?  Usually the end up being my favorite.  :)

This technique is gaining in popularity among long arm quilters - do you remember doing this in art class?  I do!  Now it truly serves a purpose.  I section off a quilt block - you can section it into 1/8th or 1/4 of a block and use a mirror to see what that section would look like repeated.  I did 1/4's here just to get the ball rolling...

Make small changes and get big results.

More doodling that may or may not translate into quilts.  E littlest babe Emm.

I ended up pulling these fabrics.  Yes, not one bit prim or grungy or traditional is it.  These are the quilts that I love though.  Probably next week when this quilt makes me frustrated I'll start pulling out those reproduction fabrics...  ;)

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Deb A said...

Such pretty fabrics and I just love your doodles! Your Celtic knot is lovely... can't wait to see what those squares in the corners hook to!