Friday, June 28, 2013

More Dyeing! Final Results

I will try not to drive you crazy with too many fabric dyeing posts - but I did want to share my final results!  Doesn't this stack look SO gorgeous!?

 I didn't get a lot of dyeing done yesterday because of the rain, and it snuck up on me again today!  (Snuck is a word isn't it?  Blogger is underlining it as a misspelling...but I'm positive snuck is a real word!!)  Anyhow - it rained, but I was able to get through my batch of pre-soaked fabric anyway.

Lots of in progress pictures...

...this green is called "wasabi".  I think what I was looking for was more of a chartreuse, and as soon as I can I'm going to order some.  I'm also thinking I really need some aqua and yellow.

I was really surprised at the color the green turned out to be.  It's more of a mustardy baby poop green.  Ok - I know mustardy isn't a word.  But it's amazing how different the color ended up!

This is one of my favorite pieces...

OH the pinks and oranges and purple!!!  Aren't they pretty???

The first fabric there is that WASABI green!!  It totally is NOT the same color as the dye!!  I also found that the color amethyst is more of a fuschia than a purple once the dyeing is done.

Even with the slight color differences that I hadn't anticipated, I would say this whole dyeing experience was a success.  I used procion mx dyes from Dharma Trading Company - salt - soda ash - and 108" bleached muslin.  I'd like to experiment with PDF fabric and cotton sateen...I cannot wait to run out and buy more fabric to do another batch!!!

**Almost forgot to add - Nina Marie popped in yesterday and asked if I'd like to link up with her for a little linky party regarding my creative happenings for the, YES OF COURSE I WOULD!!  :)  Stop by and see what the other awesome participants posted about!


Laura said...

Dyeing can be SO addictive, it's so much fun! All you really need are three primary dyes and you can make any color you want without buying lots and lots of different dye powders. Fabric to Dye For by Frieda Anderson is a really good book for mixing colors using primaries, and making great gradients.

Try mixing some yellow (lemon) with black for a great chartreuse color. The best thing about dyeing is that even "mistakes" turn out wonderfully!

JoAnne said...

The first time I dyed fabric, I decided I never needed to quilt again--I could be totally happy just dyeing for the rest of my life! Playing with color is so much fun. I find Kona cotton PFD (prepared for dyeing) at JoAnn's and use my coupon when it isn't already on sale.

patchouli moon studio said...

Your fabrics are beautiful! I love to dye too. I have experimented with tying my fabric with rubber bands in various ways like pleating the fabric, scrunching, pulling up areas and tying it. It's twice the fun seeing how the fabric looks when you get the tied designs too.

Yes snuck is a word, although about 20 years ago it would not have been so acceptable. Language buffs would use "sneaked" as proper. But our language changes with the times. Words like gonna and gotta were slang and now it's acceptable as words. I suppose if we use certain words long enough those who print dictionary's eventually add those words in the dictionary.

treadlemusic said...

Beautiful!!! Even the "poopy" green!!! LOL! I dare not embark on such or DH will remind me most directly of my stash size!!!!! I think I'll just "lay in the bushes" for a while!!!! Hehehe!!!!

talksilkpainting said...

I love the gorgeous stack of fabrics! The colors are beautiful! I love dyeing too...I enjoy the procion dyes as well.