Friday, July 26, 2013

Buddha Painting and Charity Quilt

I'm still discovering a process that works for me.  Because I'm moving into art quilting and blending my love for painting with my love for quilting - it's all new.  It's like starting all over again!  Right now it seems I get an idea or a style or a thought stuck in my head and then I want to recreate it in different ways.  I want to paint this Buddha a few different times, a few different ways.  Then I will take it to fabric and create it in quilt form - at least that's the plan.  You know how well I do with plans.  Not.  :)

Did you catch my Susan Shie inspired eye?  Part of what I love about her work is her figures always have a third eye - the inner eye.  Well, though it was extremely difficult after looking at all her work NOT to paint in a third eye, I chose a bindi and put my eye in Buddha's hands.  It's kind of symbolic of having the power to SEE the TRUTH in your own control.

My Dad is going to laugh because I was raised with lots of Buddhas around and for the longest time I wouldn't have been caught dead with one in MY house!!  :)  I had been exposed to these things all my life and I was just Buddha'd out.  All things come full circle.  This is the theme of my life at the moment.  

Still working on my journal quilt and I want to finish quilting it today.  I also finished this charity quilt for Cindy from my guild - I love the swirls!  :)  Lots going on around here - and it's wonderful to feel inspired!


Bob and Diana said...

Wow...I see you put some thought as well as color in this. I like your thought about how liffe can bring you full circle. Neat :)

Linda A. Miller said...

Love your inspiration! Yes, life does move in circles doesn't it?