Monday, July 15, 2013

More Art

I finished a few charity quilts but I can't share them until I get permission from the art for today!!  This is pretty much what I have been up to...mixed media play.  Though I am participating in a Christmas quilt blog hop that I better get moving on...eep!

I used acrylics, newsprint, mod podge to glue and seal, artists spackle, glass beads, and lots and LOTS of lumiere.  :)  This is fun!

Oh yes and some letter stickers I found in the scrap booking bin.  I feel like this painting is so much more dark and serious than what I've been doing lately.  I don't know if it's really reflective of my state of mind...I wanted something slightly more mature than my doodles.  It was fun and makes me feel like I'm on the right path with my art/fiber artistry.

I love how this corner turned out...

Also my parents wanted a painting to hang in their home.  They have always been uber supportive of all my creative endeavors.  Below is the picture I did for them - dots are my thing right now.  :)

Also more fabric play.  I was a bit disappointed with my Dynaflow for dyeing purposes.  It DOES act like a dye, and it doesn't leave any hand...but unless you want to dye something the size of a hankie it doesn't make sense to use, in my opinion.  On to other things with Dynaflow!  I want to try air brushing and sun printing yet but don't have any good textures to try or inspiration yet.  On the shelf it goes until I can think of a new use.  So far the lumiere has been my holy grail paint for fabric and paper both.

My daughter helping me spray the Dynaflow...epic failure in the end!  LOL*

Next post I'll have a few quilts!  :)

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treadlemusic said...

And the journey continues (gorgeous, regardless...)......hugs.....