Friday, September 6, 2013

Progress and Stitched the Film

A lovely shot of my quilt progress...and my feet.

I took this photo late last night and have a busy day planned for today - so forgive me the poor quality!  Usually I try to play a little with light and angles to make it pretty and more interesting...but the last few posts have had to be quick ones I'm afraid!  The kids are back in school and you'd think that would mean more free time...but it seems I've been filling up that time with things to do.

I haven't made a huge dent in my quilt other than to get all of these applique pieces turned under.  There is still a bit more applique to do but these feathery doodads are done at least.  I realized after laying this out and taking a few photos for reference...I cut the center square TOO SMALL!  Ugh!  There won't be room for the quilting I've planned if I leave it as it is.  I'm going to see today after doing some chores if I can make do with the fabric I've already purchased - or if I'm going to have to buy more fabric.

I may not post a ton more of this quilt because I do want to keep it a surprise!  This is the center but it is not complete...and there are three borders and two more sections of applique to go - so this is really just a tidbit!  I really LOVE this quilt design - it is ME ME ME!!!  You know I'm planning to quilt the living daylights out of it too - and that will be fun.  :)

I wanted to throw this out there too - I recently purchased and watched Stitched the Film (it was actually part of my anniversary gift from the Husband) - if you haven't seen it, it is AMAZING!  It literally brought me to tears!  Those close to me know I've sort of gone through a bit of artist angst - I have always had an artistic bent but I'm really crazy about traditional quilting as well.  A series of events over the last year have really pushed me to focus what I'm doing more...I think this will help push me to grow and be productive.  I'm focused on meeting my two quilt show resolution - and maybe even more.  I want to share what I'm doing and push myself to go farther and beyond.  Nothing motivates you to do your best work like the thought of the judgement and scrutiny of other quilters!!!  LOL  :)

In any case - as things in my life always seem to do - a theme has developed and this film came into my hands - it is just SO relevant to my goals and dreams.  It is about three art quilters (the legendary Caryl Bryer Fallert, Holis Chatelain, and new to me artist Randall Cook) and their journey to Houston International Quilt Festival.  It really focuses on the divide between art quilters and traditional quilters - and I particularly relate to Randall Cook as I feel like he is more an artist like me in that he is somebody who loves art, has always been artistic, but came to art quilting from traditional quilts.  I especially loved watching him working on his quilt in the basement - as his sump pump went off.  YES!  I am quilting basically in my living room (our second living room pretty much taken over by quilting) with furniture and dividers keeping the kids and pets OUT of my quilting area!

Even if you aren't that into art quilting this movie is really wonderful and fun to watch!  It lets you in a bit on the judging process at the huge national shows and really captures the immense passion that we quilters share.

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treadlemusic said...

Girl, that is awesome!!Only you can know if that center is too small (as no one else knows what is to follow!). Now is the time to adjust it, if adjustment is necessary, or it will forever be less than what was/is in your "mind's eye"! Been there!!! Your feet are adorable and totally meet the floor!!! LOL! Am off to check out the movie..........hugs....

The Inside Stori said...

This is lookin' very seeing the progress...tx's for sharing

Shannon said...

The color gradations are gorgeous and just jump off the screen!

Sewing Junkie said...

You are achieving a lot to get this far and not have made more changes. I know I would be on the fence a long time ago. This looks great anxious to see the finished quilt. Chris

Queenie Believe said...

Follow your heart and intuition regarding your quilt. If you need more fabric, just do it. So far it is looking wonderful. I will definitely check out this film as I to come to quilting from an artistic path. Keep up the great work.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Always, Queenie

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Valerie. A stunning arrangement of blues. This piece is so pleasing!
best, nadia

Deb A said...

Very, very pretty! Love it.

Nina Marie said...

ohhh I couldn't tell about the too small piece - the gradations are working fabulous!! cute toes!