Friday, September 13, 2013

Quilting Schedule and Christmas Deadlines

Just a note about some things happening here in my tiny quilting studio!

I have set up a schedule system for quilting and you can see how busy I am quilting-wise by clicking on the "schedule" tab up top or by clicking here.  This schedule is tentative and fluid - I can only estimate how much time a quilt will take so some may take more or less time than I have allotted.  I will do my best to keep on pace and keep the schedule up to date as things change.

I have scheduled Sundays and Mondays as my "weekend" or family time - but if I find free time on those days I may work on quilts and in that case I will update the schedule.

Quilts with a Christmas Deadline:  

For us quilters, planning ahead is a necessity!  For most of you sending quilts here we rely heavily on trust of the post office or other mail carriers to deliver on or near the date estimated.  As the holidays approach you can expect the mail to take a little longer, so please plan ahead and get your quilt here as soon as you can if you are hoping to meet a Christmas deadline.  I will schedule quilts through the second week of November for delivery before Christmas allowing you time to attach bindings, labels, or tend to other finishing steps like blocking if necessary.  If you want an intense custom quilting or heirloom custom you will want to allow for approximately 1-2 weeks of quilting time depending on the density of the work after it arrives on my doorstep.

Quilting is on a First Come, First Serve Basis:

I quilt with a "first come, first serve" philosophy.  Most people are very understanding and often flexible - so at times I may squeeze in a quilt that has a time sensitive deadline over someone who isn't in such a hurry and I appreciate that!  Your understanding can make someone else's day!  :)  But, for the most part, your tops will be quilted in the order they arrive to my doorstep.  Please check the schedule tab to see what quilts I currently have in wait.  You will not be added to the schedule until your quilt is in the mail, scheduled for shipment, or physically here in my studio.

I do not accept rush orders at this time.  I apologize for the inconvenience!  :)


treadlemusic said...

Beautifully and clearly stated!! The 'crunch' is on!!! Am feeling it here, also but loving it (as, I'm sure, you do also!). Hugs......

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Hey, you work you schedule and glad to see you set family time into that plan, also. I have my Country Charmer ready to send out, but it can fit into a later Oct time - what suits you.