Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I have decided to name this quilt - Vintage Charm.  I cannot keep calling it my "crap load of applique quilt" or "that one quilt with the blue birds on it", so, because I'm going for the classic, vintage, old feel...I think Vintage Charm is fitting.  I know it's getting a little bit cheese ball...I have this thing about people who take their quilts way too seriously and give them ridiculous names that nobody understands but them.  LOL!  Eyeroll.  Vintage Charm is getting a little geeky pants but at least it makes sense.  :)

I absolutely love the personality this quilt is taking on.  I haven't added much, but what I have added was time consuming.  I finished stitching down all four birds, and also the flowers and leaves in all four corners of the pink center.  Those were several hours of work because with pieces this small I prefer hand applique to machine.  Believe it or not I enjoy hand's peaceful, and kind of spiritual.  Yes, I went there and got even more cheesy.  It IS spiritual...when it's quiet...and it's just me and my cup of coffee sitting by the kitchen window and watching the snow fall.  When three kids are barreling through the house it's more like a pain in get the picture.  :)

I am still going to add some sort of vining or bias tape or something along those leaves.  I have decided I just don't like the way they look just floating there, with no anchor...nothing to make it make sense.  I have toyed with the idea of cording, piping, thin bias decisions yet, but it's getting down to the wire so today or tomorrow there will need to be something there.

I also spent about six hours yesterday stitching down the crocheted lace that I had thought I would use on my stockings.  Remember those diamonds that I thought at first were brilliant...then I hated them...and now I love them again!  LOL  I have some ideas for quilting those areas...and if they turn out as lovely in real life as they are in my mind then I'll be thrilled!  LOL

I love how this is looking but I think once it's all together and the quilting begins it will really come alive.  After cleaning up my sorely neglected house after a day of sewing yesterday, I have designed a few applique overlays that will set over the lace and tie in the brown from the Celtic knots.  I can't wait!  I want this to be loaded on the frame and in the quilting stage by next week...this weekend even.  Time is dwindling and quilts will be rolling back in soon - I need to get busy!

One last thing I thought I would share...the Husband and I ordered my Christmas gift a few days ago and I get to know about it early because I'm paying for a good portion of it!  LOL  His gift to me was a good hunk of the down payment on a Juki TL - 2010Q....eeeeeeeeeep!!!  I'm so excited!!!  This is the slightly  newer version of the TL-98 that some of my quilting super heroes Sharon Schamber and Cindy Needham to name a few off the top of my head.  It sews almost double the speed of my Brother and it's an all metal straight stitching machine...with no computer...and I'm super super psyched about it!!!  It can be framed later which I'm planning on doing, and if I take care of it, it should out live me.  Woooooohooo!!  I cannot open it until Christmas but as soon as I do I'll do some comparisons of it with my other machines and maybe some videos on how it sews.  I'm beyond thrilled!!


Sewing Junkie said...

I envy you. I need a new machine. Maybe this next year. The quilt is coming together quite well. Anxious to see the quilting. Chris

treadlemusic said... it the TL2010Q or the TL2000Qi???? I have the TL2010Q and love it!!! I have done FMQ on it for years (since 2010! LOL!) and that machine is just as easy to use as my Sweet Sixteen and accepts different threads very well. It is a "boat anchor" and, when I got it, I first thought I would just use it at home (taking my mini-White machine to workshops) but I've gotten so used to the speed, perfect stitching, thread cutter and knee lift that I pack it up, put it on a luggage "dolly" (Samsonite gotten at Walmart for very little $$). Let me know when you have it available to use (after Christmas?) and we can "compare notes"!!!!! You will LOVE IT!!!!!! Hugs.........

Queenie Believe said...

Total excitement about the machine!!! A girl needs the ultimate straight stitcher, yay!
Your quilt is coming along beautifully, I too love hand appique - sort of a calgon take me away kinda thing.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
P.S. "Cheese ball," "geeky pants," laughed out loud in my cubical here at the mundane :o)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You Vintage Charm is coming nicely. Some vintage willow quilts had skinny veining and some had none, so it would be your preference. I am saving for the 2010Q with Inspira frame. Will love to hear how you like it. In the mean time, I picked up a cyber-Monday sale on a Juki HZL G110 for a third the price.

Valerie Reynolds said...

Hi Val! Returning the visit...I see we have more in common than just a cool name!! :) I'm following ya by way of my blogroll and GFC> Nice to meet ya!

Michele said...

The quilt is coming together nicely and congrats on the new machine gift. That is some awesome present you are getting and I can't wait to hear all about it.