Saturday, February 8, 2014

Beginner Free Motion Quilting Video Series

Hello!  Here I am!  I received an email from Chris this morning asking if I was still alive as the blog has been a little quiet.  Yes!  I'm here!  I'm alive!  I have been working on some projects that I cannot share with all of you just yet, but I will have some fun things coming up soon.  Today I'm working on Pats quilt, but in the mean time for those of you who are interested in free motion quilting - I made a video!

Lisa, a Home Economics teacher who lives only a few hours away from me contacted me recently about classes.  I LOVE teaching small classes but at the moment my life is not set up to teach as I would like - but I thought videos might be a fun alternative!  Over the next several months I will be uploading videos to my YouTube Channel on learning to free motion quilt.  I uploaded the first video today!

These videos will share my own personal preferences and recommendations for FMQ.  I hope they are helpful to Lisa and others out there!

I hope you are all getting some quilting done out there and I will be back soon with progress pictures of Pat's quilt!

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Sewing Junkie said...

Well glad you are alive. LOL Hope to see more of your videos. Going in to sew so I will download it and watch as I cut more scraps. Take care. Chris