Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Progress on Cindy's Quilt - and GIVE AWAY WINNER!!!

What, you think I'm going to announce the winner that easy?  LOL  No way!  Let's talk quilts first!  :)

I have received a lot of inquiries from long arm quilting pals on how I created this design on Cindy's quilt.  Well - first I should explain that every quilt that comes to me for quilting goes through a stage of planning long before I load it up on the frame.  I use a graphic design tablet to doodle directly onto the digital photograph of the quilt - and I doodle away until something fun and exciting shows up!  For Cindy's quilt, the outer geometric sashing screamed feathers to me.  I had seen Renae Haddadin's arc ruler around the blogs and thought it would be great for creating the circular movement in this quilting plan.

For the pinstripe border at the top I just used your basic ditch ruler.  I bought mine from the Sewing and Quilt Expo in Cleveland last spring - but it is just a small simple ditch ruler that can be purchased from Quilter's Rule.  Truly - it is probably my most used ruler too.

For marking I use a purple disappearing ink pen.  I pretty much only use disappearing ink, blue water soluble markers, and white chalk for darker fabrics.  The only marking on this quilt was for the arcs, the curved cross hatching before I stitched it, and a few registration marks so that everything was neat and even.  The feathers are all free hand.
Here are a few more angle shots of the quilting so far...I'm about half way through and then this quilt will be ready to go home!  :)

This quilt has particularly fun to work on!  Of course - it has been a learning experience in design execution as well - but a joy in every aspect.  Some days I want to pinch myself because I cannot believe that I get to do what I love every day!
So - almost there!  I will ask you to endure likely one more photo shoot with this quilt once it is finished, and then a quick charity quilt before I load up Barbara's quilt.
Ok...ok....ok...would you like to know who won the give away? 
I thought you might!  :) 
I have to say... THANK YOU to all those who entered!!!  There were a few comments that really  hit home with me...many of you have been hanging around for years and watched the progression of my quilting journey.  I am SO very blessed...every day I am grateful for how fortunate I am to be home with my children, my wonderful family, and doing what I am truly passionate about each and every single day.  I am also SO VERY grateful to those of you who trusted me long before I had anything to show for myself...those first quilts that were sent to me with pure trust.  Thank you so very much!!!
With the help of a random number generator a winner has been chosen...a the winner is...
Jan E
Jan I will send you over an email and we will make arrangements for your choice of paper pantograph or free quilting!
Thank you all again for participating!!!  :)


Marci said...

Oh, how fun, Jan!!! What a lucky gal! This quilt, from the colors (delish!) and design to you creative use of layout and elements has to to be one of the favorites you've shared with us!

Michele T said...

Your quilting skills are sensational - wow!!!Congrats to Jan!!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Congrat's to Jan! Your quilting is just gorgeous!

treadlemusic said...

I'm sure Jan is thrilled!!!! There are so many possibilities with an arc ruler....I know I love mine!!!! Worked on a border today....a very simple one....doing Baptist Fans. A perfect finish...Hugs........

Rettabug said...

Congratulations to Jan E....the lucky dog~lucky dog! LOL

I loved seeing what you've done with Cindy's beautiful quilt...teal is one of my most favorite colors, too.

We were at the same expo last year & I bet you were there this year, too, huh? While there, I bought a 26" Innova with Lightening Stitch & Auto Pilot. I've been SEW impressed with how fast you've become really good at this craft, Valerie. I hope I have 1/2 as much success at it.
I'm heading up to Accomplished Quilting in MI to take some classes next weekend. I can't wait!! (it arrives on Wed.)

p.s. You are only the 2nd person I've told about my purchase.


Mandy said...

What kind of disappearing ink pens do you use? I'm looking for some I don't have to worry about them staying on the quilt.