Wednesday, May 28, 2014

End of the Month Update :)

Well it's been quite a heavy couple of weeks here in my world!  :)  Just an update and the things going on here.  I'm still working hard and putting long hours in on Barbara's quilt.  Moved a little slower than normal this month with all of the birthdays and parties and end of the school year activities.  Yesterday I worked on this from 9am to 9pm!!!  I took a few breaks for dinner, pick up the kids, put away some laundry and light housework.

Making my way through the mid-section though even with the extra hours I anticipate I may be working on this into next week.  We are getting there though!  :)

In other news my "big changes" blew right up in my face - so it looks like not much will happen for several years!  :(  Some insight as to where that is coming from - we bought our house on the cusp of the housing market we have been paying for the last eight years to get no where as we still owe just about what our house is now valued at.  We don't plan on moving anytime soon so it's not that it matters terribly, except that we had planned to do some renovating when we bought the home that we will now have to wait likely another 5-10 years to do.  We will do some small things but we had wanted to put on a new master bedroom, build a new garage and add a second bathroom.  With three girls let me tell you, we need a second bathroom sooner than later!  LOL  So we will live, we do fine enough to make ends meet and still get to visit Disney World and do fun things.  But boy was I excited about the possibility of having some of those things now rather than waiting!  Boo!  Isn't that just how life goes though?

So back to work for me!!  The sooner I finish this quilt the sooner I can squeeze in a little time to make princess dresses!  :)


Michele said...

That's too bad about the possible changes. Maybe something else will come along that will make those renovations possible. said...

Your renovations will come... we bought the house we are in now just last year.. paid cash but only because we had insurance money from our flooded house in Braithwaite.. we have alot of renovations to do but we have to do them a little at a time... ahhh the ups and downs of home ownership something big is headed your way.. keep the faith.. when I get consumed by what I cant do I think of the things that I can and how blessed we are to even be owning a home.. Love your quilting.. everything you touch is gold girl!!!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

You may not be able to do your renovations now, but perhaps you can do a little decorating refresher in your room. A new pillow or curtains or new artwork. A little something to make it seem more exciting until you can get to the remodel down the road.