Saturday, May 3, 2014

FMQ Video and Mucho Randomness!

First, let me get this video out of the way because I cannot think of an eloquent way to share it!!  :)  I don't have an entire post based around it, it is just a video.  :)  After a seriously intense week of quilty work I needed to be freely creative.  So I started a little quilt - because I like little quilts the way I like little paintings.  A couple of you asked me to video just me that's what it is!

This is all on the Juki.  I quilt on the long arm yes - and for some reason when I go to the Juki people start to wonder if I don't like my long arm or if I cannot do on my longarm what I do on my Juki.  Well, the truth of the matter is I am on my feet all day and I just like to sit down and quilt!  Also I don't have room or funds for two long arms, so the Juki is a way for me to have a personal project going and client projects going at the same time without me having to put one of the two away.  I'll work on a clients project during the day and mine at night and/or the weekends.

Here are a few shots of what I was working on...

Sometimes I'll try out a design on a smaller project on the Juki first and work out how I'm going to go about execution of that particular element.  Keeping in mind that the way I quilt it on the long arm is different than the sewing machine.  So these are winding curling feathers that I'm planning to incoporate on a larger quilt I'm working on.  This is Glide thread and Hobbs 80/20 batt.

Here's a shot of my current quilty project - crummy lighting from a 2am Instragram picture I took on Easter morning...I want to incoporate the above winding curly feathers and possibly some painting on this quilt.  I am realizing that quilts are much more organic for me if I build them as I go versus planning the entire thing out ahead of time.  I actually planned this quilt with a completely different border structure.  It was all paper pieced and sort of had a peacock theme.  But I got bored - fast.  So I started to build the borders freely and it was so much more enjoyable!  Also - lots of space for quilting.  :)

I'm all about loud colors right now after working on my giant applique quilt - which was mostly white or off white.  I had made the quilt to show but I am just so sick of it I cannot finish it right now.  I have a stack of quilts like that at the moment!  :)

In other news I had attempted to make a second blog with art related content and soon after realized that I don't have time to keep up with two blogs!  LOL  I may or may not elaborate on it - who knows.  I have creative ADD and limited free time so the mood may strike me to get going on it or I may abandon it all together.  :)  In any case  my art work and quilts kind of mesh together... 

Painting and art journaling!  :)  More obsessions.  Also making Disney dresses and scrap booking Disney.  There is not enough time in the day for my many projects.  :)

So that is the randomness that is going on in my creative life right now!  Client quilt-wise, I'm working this week on marking and loading up Barbara's quilt.  It will be intensely quilted and it is HUGE so it will be on the frame a while.  Likely next post will be a few inprogress shots!  :) 

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