Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jaquard Lumiere Paints on My Quilts

My art quilting friend Nina-Marie Sayre asked me recently how and why I might want to paint on my quilts!  :)  I shared a few photographs on Facebook of this miniature quilt I'm working on as sort of a practice piece to work out some quilting I would like to do on a larger project I have in the works.

You can click on the photographs to see them larger if it helps - each plume has been lightly painted with an irridescent water based fabric paint to add a little shadow and dimension to the quilting.  I'll share a photo of what the feathers looked like before painting them:

There is a pretty dramatic difference between the two!  Of course I have added more quilting to the photos of the painted version, but there is still quite a difference when you stand back and look at the two.

Nina is an art quilter so I know she totally gets the need for creative experimentation...but I am more of a traditional quilter who fiddles around with art quilts.  So why might a traditional quilter want to paint her quilt?  Well I personally have a major love for whole cloth quilts.  When I began machine quilting I discovered that my ultimate joy comes from the quilting process.  But they totally stink to photograph!!!  I want to make whole cloth quilts where the quilting can be SEEN...and not just in good lighting.

I also really love whole cloth quilts made of bright colored hand dyes and tie dyed fabrics...but you often cannot see the quilting.  So that is why I started fiddling with paints to see what I could achieve.

I first heard about painting on quilts to highlight definition from Master Quilter Diane Gaudynski.  She uses Shiva Paintstiks - an oil based paint but in a stick form - and lightly paints her quilting to add defintion and shadow.  I LOVE the look - but when I played with the Shiva paints I had a really difficult time keeping it from looking grainy and controlling the amount of paint applied.  I tried applying it directly from the stick as well as with a paint brush. 

So after a few failed attempts with the Shiva paints I decided to try Lumiere paints by Jaquard.  I originally bought the paints to use with stencils - but the cool thing about these paints is they are water you can water them down and just use a touch for a hint of color and definition.  Also they are sparkly....and I like just about all things sparkly.  :)

Once heat set the paints are safe to wash when used on fabric - though the kind of quilts I generally make that are painted are rarely if ever washed outside of a damp cloth.

I love these paints!!  I love the way it turned out so much I am even doing some painting on my big white applique quilt...eep!  Pictures to come!  :)


Laura said...

wow! amazing quilting! I'd like to do more with paints but time...

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Very cool! I just saw a quilt on Sunday at the Denver Quilt show that had all these gorgeous gold shimmery feathers on a black ground. Turns out that the feathers were quilted first and then painted in with some type of paint. It made for a very beautiful quilt.

madfabriholic said...

Very cool- the painting add a whole new dimension!

Queenie Believe said...

Oh my what a fun quilty adventure! Can't wait to see more photos.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

MarveLes Art Studios said...

gorgeous results! {gorgeous quilting} i love what you did, and can't wait to try it on my quilts, too.

laura west kong said...

What a great idea! I know exactly what you mean. I've never made a whole cloth quilt, but if I did I would want the quilting to really show up

LA Paylor said...

LeeAnna Paylor

Hilary Florence said...

I've done this with Shivra sticks, but it's true, you can't get precise lines. Great for an allover effect. I've not tried fabric paints, but Helen Godden (think that's right) uses them a lot. Happy experimenting!

Syed Kazim Ali said...

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