Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Method for Piecing Batting

I wanted to share a new method I discovered for piecing batting scraps or splicing together two large hunks of batting.  This is a common request as my business is small so often I carry one or two sizes of batting on charity quilts often come to me with pieces of batting that need to be joined or sometimes a client wants to use my batting but needs several cuts to fit their quilt.  To date this has been the easiest way to join batting with the nicest flush invisible results.

To start I lay two hunks of batting right over each other - you want about two inches or so to overlap.

Next, You cut through both layers of batting with a curving line - super easy - I slide a mat under the hunks of batting and just use my rotary cutter.

Now you have this perfect line to join your batting - this is what prevents any seam line from appearing on the finished quilt.

Butt those pieces up to each other as close as you can get them - feel free to pull just a tad and stretch them into place - so long as you don't distort the batting or rip a hole.

Then just lay strips of very very light fusible interfacing over the seam line - using a pressing cloth - press to secure seams.  Because the fusible is so light and white, it is completely invisible when stitched into a quilt.  This is the same extra lite fusible I use to stabilize but prevent bulk for t-shirt quilts.

The finished result is a very flush join that cannot be seen!  I love this method!  Quick and easy and great results.  I just thought I would share as this just works so well for me!!  :)

Much has been happening here in my little world, but not much I can share on yet.  In any case big things will be happening for us in the near future - and while we have some weighty decisions that have just recently been put before us, the end result will be good no matter what we choose.  I am feeling really excited about the next ten years of our life.  I think my Husband and I have just been so used to working ourselves crazy with no sight of relief in site - the idea that there may be a payoff for all our hard work is just...amazing.  :)

While big ideas and thoughts float around the house I'm still making way on Barbara's quilt.  Birthday parties and the busyness of the early month are now over and I can just focus and finishing this up.  I say finishing - but I'm only hoping to be working on the center portion of the quilt by the end of the day!  LOL  The borders will be lovely when finished but boy - they are huge!!!  :)

Happy quilting!  :)

3 comments: said...

Thank you for the batting tip... awesome!!... And just know that all the hard work y'all have been doing well def pay off... One way or another... Lol... And beautiful work.. You are so talented!!

Michele said...

Great info and thank you for sharing it. Which fusible do you use? I'm going to be doing some t-shirt quilts this fall/winter and since there are so many fusible choices, I'd like to hear about the options, good and bad.

Elli Scraporobki said...

Thank you very much! This information is very useful for me now!