Sunday, May 11, 2014

My "Seaweed" Quilt and Barbara's Quilt in Progress

There wasn't much time left over for long arming today so while my daughters watched a movie to relax I listened and did a little more stitching on my green feathers quilt.  This is on the Juki so I don't have to pull whatever is on the frame off to work on a different project.  This is my "relax" sewing.

Every time I describe this quilt to my Dad he says to me, "Oh yeah, that one that looks like seaweed?"  LOL  So guess what I'm calling this one? SEAWEED!  :)  I always feel silly naming my quilts but I have found it's a necessary part of creating quilts that are intended to be exhibited in some way.  So seaweed it is.

Also sharing a little of the stitching on Barbara's quilt - I have added a bit more to this but didn't have much time to take photographs.  This quilt is going to be off the charts awesome!!  It is already pretty spectacular without any quilting.

I hope all of you mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day!  :)

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day