Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Pantograph Designs

Look what's now available at Urban Elementz!



Flitter and Rhythm!  Aren't they delicious!!!?!!!  I am so excited about both of these!  :)  Flitter is so happy and makes me think spring (in all this snow!) and I love the texture and movement of Rhythm.  These are going to be a lot of fun to use!

Finishing up a few client quilts this week - boy do I have the BEST folks to quilt for.  I am at a standstill waiting for a part for my machine...nothing big, but just waiting for the post man to bring it here.  Hoping it arrives today.  After Monica and Cindy's quilts I'll be quilting Vogue on this cute little minkee (minky?) backed baby quilt that will soon be available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

Keep warm!


Leah Spencer said...

Wow, I love Flitter! If I had a long arm machine, I'd totally be snatching it up. :)

I also want to say congrats on your upcoming baby! I'm still wading through the crazy baby years... promising myself if we ever buy a house, I'll get a spot for my quilting. :)

Michele said...

I like! Once I start working with pantos and seeing if I like them or not, I'll be doing some shopping.