Thursday, January 15, 2015

APQS Ultimate 1 For Sale

No - it's not my machine!  I adore my long arm!  My good friend Marci is selling her APQS Ultimate 1 (which if you hadn't guessed is the SAME machine I have!) and I am sharing for those quilting pals of mine who've been thinking about a machine.  I am just going to copy and paste her ad details below the photographs - leave a comment or email me if you want her contact info, I check my email several times a day and will pass on her contact info (or yours) right away.  :)

I will say that the machine has IntelliStitch which is a real bonus - all of my work is done on an un-regulated machine and I just dream of the things I could do if only I had that stitch regulation!  :)  She's also got a lot of goodies going with it...

"For Sale: APQS Ultimate I Longarm quilting machine with M and M wheels on a 14 foot frame. 1990, 26" throat, 4 rollers (currently configured with three on top and one used below for batting on a roll. This it's easily changed to your choice of configuration.) I do a partial float of my tops in this setup. Machine has been upgraded with the Intellistitch Stitch Regulation ($3200 cost) and gone through. Upgraded M and M wheels added with a couple extra ones on hand, also. It also has the laser light in the back, but the cord is long enough to also mount for front use. Runs and stitches wonderfully. Will include rulers, thread, pantographs, stencils, extra tools, needles, aluminum bobbins, some batting, Microdrive Handles, extra extender handle on the panto side for ease of handling machine, Horizontal Thread Holder, Hartley Extended base plate and rulers, Hartley Fence and complete 1/4" thick acrylic stencil set that goes with it ($500 value), panto side acrylic tabletop on steel frame, LED puck lighting under the neck. Selling as one complete starter setup. $7,200 PayPal. Serious inquiries only, PM for further info. (Can provide more pics, these are what I had on phone upon posting.) Located in NE Iowa."

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