Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Darlene's New York Beauty - Finished!

It is always SO gratifying to FINISH!  I love that moment when you pull a quilt off the frame after looking at it and being so close to it for days, sometimes weeks.  This one I dilly dallied a bit with just because I had appointments and things to do this week...but I knew it was going to be gorgeous on both sides when it was even more incentive to get to work!

I am still working at finding a place or a way in my home to get great photographs.  I have had some complaints of them being dark or taken at odd angles - truth of the matter is I live in a very small ranch home and space is extremely limited...I cannot even begin to explain the lengths I go to attempting to get good photographs!  I know they are not all ideal, but I'm working on it!  Now that baby is coming soon we plan to do some renovation and hopefully, I'll have my own private studio area and a place to lay out quilts.  I cannot wait!

The back you know is always my favorite.  I feel like it's my stamp on the quilt.  :)  This is the part I feel like I'm good at, and where I get to show off a bit!  Above I did use some filters on Instagram to allow you to better see the texture.  Below are natural light images with no filters.

This design was much easier to draw out on the computer than it was to carry out!  Not that it was too terribly difficult, but I had to really pay attention to measurements and keeping things the same size.

After a lot of time and practice I've decided I'm just sold on using the same color in the bobbin as in the top.  Not that I won't use a thinner thread in the bobbin - but I'd just much rather watch my back tracking and bury threads than try to tension out two contrasting colors.  I think it turned out so nicely too!

My children are getting antsy and I have to make dinner, but I PROMISE a post on rulers up next!  :)


Dora, the Quilter said...

Yes, I too love the back. (And I have the same trouble finding a place to photograph the finished quilts--not expecting a new baby and knowing there will be no new space! I live in a tiny single-story southwestern cottage.)
I admire your work; I'm happy whenever I see a new post from you!

Michele said...

It really looks great!

Patsy said...

Your quilting came out fabulously on this-way to go!

Karen said...

Your work is STUNNING, Valerie!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I've made this and love it....your quilting makes it that mor better!!

KaHolly said...