Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lake Farm Park Quilts 2015 Show Part 1

Yesterday was my 34th birthday and as a wonderful surprise my Husband arranged the day for my Mother and I to visit the local quilt show.  I was so thrilled with this thoughtful gift as we're nearing in on the last weekend of the show and I was afraid I might miss it this year.

Quilts 2015 is a regional show held annually at Lake Metroparks Farm Park in Kirtland, Ohio.  Quilts are generally from residents living within a few hours distance of the Farm Park and they do frequently acquire nationally known quilters to teach and lecture.

This years featured artist is RaNae Merrill of New York, NY.  The quilts she brought to display were really fantastic and of course, beautifully quilted - and by some very well known highly respected quilters I might add.  It was really fun to see some of beautiful quilting up close and only a short drive from my own home town.

Below is the largest piece of RaNae's on display and was definitely my favorite.  All the gradients and play with color and geometric shapes were really a treat to look at.  Not to mention I'm a bit of a sucker for blue.

Up close of some of the quilting - I really tried to get good quilting photos from all of the quilts I took pictures of, as of course, that's where my own passion lies!  This one was quilted by well known quilter Linda Taylor.

This next piece was my second favorite on display from RaNae - I just loved the colors!  This one was quilted by another well known name you're sure to recognize, Terri Lucas.  I really loved the gold metallic thread feathers in the dark purple fabric.

I cannot remember just how many of RaNae's quilts were on display but it was a really  nice selection and I enjoyed them all thoroughly.

It's been fun to watch the progression of this quilt show over the years - it has always been a really great show with lots of talented quilters and beautiful quilts.  From a machine quilting perspective I have watched as quilting has really taken on a life throughout the quilting world and it's kind of amazing to see the trickle down into local quilting and how that's advanced.  I remember several years ago when people were pretty much machine quilting their quilts or sending them out to be machine quilted - but I don't know if the skill was quite where it is today.  Every show there are one or two pieces that are so well made and intricately quilted I suspect they would hold up quite well in the national circuit.

Here are a few more of my favorites from the show - this one in particular I apologize for the blurry full shot.  When I snapped the photo I was sure that it was in focus but didn't realize it was blurry until I got home to view it on the computer.  It was one of my absolute favorites from the entire show.

I just loved the nautical theme with the storm at sea quilt blocks, the appliquéd waves, and that beautiful compass that I would imagine is paper pieced.

This next one I was immediately drawn to simply because I loved the quilt block pattern and the colors.  Once you move in close the quilting is just beautiful as well - very neat and beautifully done!

I was excited when I looked at the name on the tag and saw that it was pieced by the mother of a quilting pal of mine who owns a quilt shop not far away.  It was also quilted by a local and talented quilter whose quilting I have admired for years.  Her name is sure to pop up on a number of quilts every year as the quilter when I walk through this show - and she has a style that you can almost spot out from a distance.

Because I'm always paying attention to the quilting - I enjoyed the simplicity of the feathers and pebbles with just a hint of geometric quilting thrown in...and it totally fits.

I have quite a few more photos to share but I'm going to break it up into two or three posts so it's not so overwhelming!  I've got a busy couple of days here planned but will try and get a second post up within the next few days.  :)


Marlene said...

Happy Birthday Valerie. What a thoughtful husband you have. Love the quilts and thank you for the close up of the quilting=inspiration.

Leah said...

I loved that blue quilt! I was there the day before and didn't get a picture. I thought the show was better this year than some previous years with a nice variety of styles.

Leah said...
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Michele said...

Those are just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them.