Saturday, April 4, 2015

Slow Posting - But I AM Working!

 I know I've been slow posting as of late but I HAVE been working.  I recently finished two customer quilts that requested my pantograph designs...woohoo!

Here's a few shots of Darlene's quilt...she requested Felicity for this lovely spring quilt:

...and here are a few shots of Cindy's quilt...she requested Sonnet.  I mistakingly went with the Petit oh my it took me a LONG time on this over sized queen quilt!  Cindy loves to send me huge quilts so I always smile when she tells me she has a "small" one coming my way...

In other works I have a large queen on the frame that is being custom quilted and a couple of really beautiful projects on the way!  More photos to come!  :)