Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Checking In - Sue's 30's Reproduction Quilt

I always tend to start blog posts like this - but so much has been going on around here!  I always have a quilt on the frame, usually some sitting in wait, and of course I have other projects in the works as well to keep me busy...but then we had Easter, spring break, and the entire house coming down with a stomach bug in the matter of two days!  UGH!  Hello laundry.  Not fun!  I do have another post full of pictures from the Lake Farm Park show but it is just a matter of finding time to sit and write a blog to go with it.  I like to give everyone credit for their quilts and it takes a hot minute to sort through photos and credits and all of that.  So for now I'll share some of the other things going on.

 This is one of two quilts that Sue sent me to work on for her - the more detailed quilted of the two.  I had a lot of fun with this and while we worked out some of the quilting plan beforehand she pretty much let me go to town.  :) 

Sue really likes feathers so I tried  to incorporate a lot of them!  I used my favorite custom thread Bottom Line by Superior Threads in the top and bobbin, and we again used two layers of Hobbs 80/20.

That polkadot flange was adorable but did NOT want to lay down.  I did try to help it along with ditching but it was a stinker.

I think my favorite part of the quilting is the curved cross hatching in between the log cabin blocks.  They turned out so pretty and I think they added a lot to the quilt.  I also love the pine trees and how cool it looks when the triangles made from flying geese are extended into each other.  I really gives added dimension I think to an already really cool quilt.

Another closeup of feathers...

I kept the majority of the detail in the white fabric.  As usual there is a patch I missed (so when someone spots it and emails me...) rest assured I fixed it!  LOL  Really, thank goodness for photographs to catch the errors! 

This quilt measured 97" x 105" and the backing was MASSIVE!  It took up almost my entire frame...and I can get 140" of quilt on my giant frame.  Above you can see a few little flower details I quilted in the baskets...I tried to keep with the cute theme of the quilt.  I really love how it turned out!

Next post I will share photographs of Wanda's Stargello - but you can get a sneak peak of it on the MQResource website as it was a featured quilt of the week on their forums last week.

Happy Spring and Happy Quilting!


treadlemusic said...

I remember a gal.....not that long ago!.....who was just sticking her toes in the quilting waters. You've come a long way, Babe!!!!! (in oh so many ways!!!) Love your posts!!!!!!!

Helen L said...

What a beautiful quilt!! The quilting that you have done adds so much to it! Just had to tell you that I admire your great quilting!!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg